Environmental Data Centre & Application

ASMA provides integrated and centralized environmental data, real time basis,automatic data collection,quality assurance, alert notification and auto data syncronization for backup data centre.

IT Infrastructure :-

  • Virtualization Platform.
  • Automatic Data Syncronization and Replication.

Environmental Data Centre :-

  • Builds the state of art of environmental data centre facilities with an eco-friendly design.
  • Advanced Database Management System.
  • Automatic/Centralized and Integrated Environmental Information Data.

Environmental Software

Related software :-.
  • Automated Data Collection System .
  • Automated Data Analysis & Validation System(QAQC)
  • Automated Early Warning System
  • Web Real Time Status Dashboard for wall screen
  • Web Online Reporting Analysis
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Service Data Integration
  • GIS

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